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Considering we are in the month of all things love, for our first Career Feature we sat down and spoke to Saulegh Hendricks – an up-and-comer in the industry, making waves in the digital content creation scene. Saulegh’s creative style has become immediately recognisable with his work ranging from collaborations with influencers to his unique take on the videography of matric balls (initially) and weddings more commonly nowadays. Considering the vital role photographers play in memorialising the bride & groom’s special day, we thought we’d pick his brain for anyone considering entering the profession:

What initially drew you into this specific field/industry?

I always saw local videographers’ work on my IG and thought it was so cool. I then thought to myself “I could do that”. So I started by making monthly highlight videos of what I did in a month with my friends and family (2018). I then got a DM from someone whose parents own a pizza shop in Gordons Bay and they asked me to shoot a video for their pizza shop and was told they’d pay me. I told them I shoot on an iPhone, and they were so happy to still let me shoot, regardless of what I used to shoot with.

I started shooting friends to start creating a portfolio when I realised I really enjoyed this and I could make it a profession/occupation.

One thing led to another, and I started working with influencers (the first being Nuzhah Jacobs). I used whatever little money I had and rented a camera for this shoot with Nuzhah and did my best.

I got into weddings through my sister. I shot a video for her (terribly done, but it was my first wedding shooting experience). They loved it and I met her photographer there. I learnt some things from her photographer and started branching out on my own.

How long have you been working professionally in the field/industry?

3 years.

Do you enjoy the work that you do?

Yes, I’ve always loved working with different people and seeing new places and, with this, I get to go to stunning venues and meet people from all walks of life.

Describe your job/career in one sentence..

It’s a rush – there are so many important moments within a wedding day, and it can be super stressful at times, but with experience, it becomes muscle memory to know what to do in different situations.

This is a job where the more you do, the more you know, you can only learn so much theory but practical work is where you grow as a creative.

In your opinion, what would be the best route to take to get started in the industry?


Start somewhere, anywhere, with anything (literally a phone).
Shoot as much as you can and shoot as many different things as you can, in the beginning, to find what you’re good at.

I started by shooting a lot of people for free. This helped me a lot without the pressure of delivering something of value. Shooting for free allows you to learn at your own pace and it allows you to try out different things with no strings attached. Start with family and friends and continue to challenge yourself by trying new things. Shoot at different times, watch youtube videos and find new spots all the time.

Something to mention is that besides learning how to shoot a camera and work its settings, you need to learn how to edit as well. At the start, it can be overwhelming, but keep at it, it’s super worth it in the end.

I still learn new things and try new things. Not everything works out or is good but, I tried, and some of those new things I tried is now my job.

I have a lot of free time to do things I enjoy but there are many times when I don’t leave my desk for entire days for editing, editing is 90% of the work.

What are the commission/salary expectations for someone entering the field/industry initially vs over time with experience?

You determine your worth in this industry. Hourly rates can range from R100 to R1500+ per hour but it depends on quite a few variables such as skill, expertise, availability, demand for you as a photographer, what you need to deliver (eg amount of edits, video, prints etc.).

You can start by doing photography sessions for free to gain experience (so with starting out expect to make little to no money).

Then you can start by charging between R100-R250 p/hr

You charge differently, depending on the work.

Average Wedding photography rates I’ve seen from good photographers p/hr range from R800 – R2000 p/hr, but some do charge more.

What are working hours like?

On average;

Brand content: 2 – 6 hours p/shoot
Weddings: 10 – 12 hrs p/wedding
Editing: I usually edit 6-8 hours per day, only on weekdays (30-40 hrs p/week)

Are there any perks that come with doing the work you do?

Free time, travel opportunities, meeting new people, finding hidden gems.

What is one part of your job you absolutely love doing?

Going to new stunning places.

What is your least favourite part of your job?

Editing – sometimes it’s really good, but most times it’s very time-consuming. Not to mention the headaches from staring at a screen for hours.

It’s not terrible, but it’s the part of the job that makes the job feel like a job.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry/field?

Shoot as much as possible, when you shoot more, things become easier with regard to shooting, getting booked, and growth in your creative journey.

What, do you feel, sets your job/career apart from all of the others out there?

You’re never really at the same place every day (besides your editing station). You move around alot and find cool places.

What are the opportunities for growth within the industry/field?

You decide where you want to be.

You can freelance and rack up tons of experience in a short time, then you could move onto corporate work or even dabble in advert campaigns.

There are endless opportunities for growth. With social media being a massive marketing resource for businesses nowadays there is always work out there. You just have to find a part of the industry you like and do everything you can to stand out – even if it means making TikToks.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your industry and how have you adapted?

Events have gotten smaller but, surprisingly, couples enjoy that – most of them, not all. More small scale weddings are popping up which creates the opportunity for work.

The only thing C19 has affected within the industry really has been the size of weddings. People want to get married, and a lil pandemic won’t stop them.

One main stumbling block is lockdown and lockdown fear.

Some couples fully move their weddings because they hear there might be a 200th wave in 3 years time (sarcasm). This causes a lot of stress to move and arrange new dates but we move and always deliver.

To those considering the career path you took, are there any things, in particular, they could do now to give them a bit of a competitive advantage down the line or would help them out in the field/industry that isn’t always taught/told?

Learn how to shoot both photos and videos.

Maybe not simultaneously, but definitely learn how to do both well, because the opportunities available when you know how to do both are second to none.

Any final words of advice/inspiration:

Shoot Shoot Shoot.


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