Who We Are

Math and Me (Pty) Ltd. is a company founded upon the common passion for youth
development, vision for education and mission for change of two, then, accounting
students, Jamie Julies and Brett van der Posch, after the two identified a need for a
more efficient, effective and relatable means of offering tuition.

Through the loyalty shown by our clients, the brilliant additions made to the tutor and
management teams and upon success-based recommendation, we have been
able to grow into a multi-faceted education company offering quality one-on-one
tuition in all Mathematical disciplines , developing and facilitating After School
Programs and running our independent and focused Workshops.

With the individual attention we strive to constantly deliver, the hope is that, through it, we are able to enhance the understanding and development of all of our
students and aim to go on to do greater things with regards to tuition, redefine the meaning of “education” and the way in which learning takes place as a whole. We
also pride ourselves in helping the greater communities we operate in, whether that be small or larger acts of kindness and encourage all members of Math and Me to
take part in our community programmes.

“With a common passion and belief that investing in education will reap the highest reward, there is nothing the Math and Me Team cannot do!” 

Our Vision

To become an industry leader in academic support for all disciplines of Mathematics and continuing to encourage and equip students to innovate in STEM fields.


We will strive to achieve our vision by ensuring the company remains people
focussed – placing the needs of employees, contractors, partners, clients and
students above all else. With the aid of technology, we plan to effect real change in
the education sector and improve education systems and models for the better.


August 4, 2016

Two university accounting students begin tutoring a handful of students driving home-to-home in the Southern Suburbs

August 4, 2017

Math & Me (Pty) Ltd. is officially registered and begins operating as a private tutoring company

September 22, 2017

Lisa van der Poel, the first addition to the M&M team, joins as communication admin (going on to later serve as Marketing Director

February 19, 2018

Math & Me contracts its first two tutors to support the growing need for academic support

November 11, 2018

The start of Math & Me: Prime Workshops, an independently run programme to prepare students for the exam period

March 23, 2019

Math & Me issues its 1000th invoice

July 2, 2019

From 2 to 20, the Math and Me team continues to grow, with more tutors coming on board

December 10, 2019

The first annual Math and Me awards are presented to students at Parkhurst Primary and Norman Henshilwood High School

January 13, 2020

The official Math & Me website goes LIVE

July 9, 2020

Math & Me places Top 5 in the Nedbank Business Ignite competition, for innovative businesses.