Since starting out only offering one-on-one mobile tuition, we have expanded our portfolio to offer forms of tuition suited to everyone’s needs!

One-on-one Mobile or Resident Tuition

Our one-on-one tuition services aim to deliver an individually focussed tuition experience for all our students. This helps ensure that all students begin to progress at their own speed and that understanding remains a main priority at the end of the day. Two options are made available for all looking to join the Math and Me Family!


Pricing for both options above are charged based on the hours per week as follows:

  • 1 hour per week R170 p/hour
  • 2 hours per week R160 p/hour
  • 3 hours per week R150 p/hour

Example: Student X, who receives tuition for 1 hour on a Monday and 1 hour on a Thursday, will have a weekly costing as follows: R160 x 2 hours = R320

Administrative sign-up fees:

Upon signing up with Math and Me, an initial once-off, administrative start-up fee will be incurred as follows:

Grades 7 – 12:

  • R150

Grades 1 – 6: (no diagnostic test currently available)

  • R100

Initial administrative costs includes: a starter pack, exercise workbook, initial assessment & student proficiency analysis/report, learning style assessment and drafting the necessary documentation and any other additional costs incurred associated with sign-up – all which will assist in making the tuition process as efficient and effective as possible.


Crash course styled group workshops aimed at preparing students for exams. Examinable concepts will be covered extensively in these workshops as well as basic revision for work covered by the syllabus to date. Workshops are available for both active Math and Me family members and those who make use of our services on an ad-hoc basis, we’re here to assist all those in need!